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Date: February 1910

Publication: The International Studio, An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art - February 1910 (Published monthly by John Lane Company, New York. One copy single February issue, rebound in a hard cover by the Rosenberg Library, Galveston, TX. One copy is a bound Hard Cover which includes November and December, 1909. January and February, 1910.)

Author: Anonymous

Description: "Art Gallery Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect. The new art galleries of W. Scott Thurber, in Chicago, show the fortunate result of treating the housing problem involved with serious attention to the architectural requirements, and of finding a sympathetic architect for the task." Article about the Thurber Art Gallery "...situated in the top and fifth floor of the Fine Arts Building in a new addition to the building proper (the Annex)." Includes three photographs. Original cover price .50 cts. 8 x 11.5. (Two copies) (Sweeney 94)

Pages: Pp XCV -XCVI

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Date: April 1911

Publication: The International Studio - (Published Monthly by the John Lane Company, New York)

Author: Peattie, Elia W.

Description: "The fine Arts Building in Chicago. The Fine Arts Building in Chicago is remarkable among such enterprises as housing within its walls so great a proportion of the artistic, intellectual literary and educational interests of a great city. The building is occupied by sculptors, painters, actors, musicians, writers, illustrators, etchers, gold and silversmiths, carvers, decorators, publishers of special editions, teachers of elocution and expression, the drama and the cognate arts... In short, the Fine Arts Building... does not so much borrow importance from that fact as lend importance to it." Includes five photographs, one of which is of the Thurber Galleries (1909 - S.154). This article was republished in a book form entitled "The Book of the Fine arts Building", 1911. Digital edition. Original cover price 50c. 8 x 11.5. (For additional information see our Study of the Browne's Bookstore.)




Date: May 1915

Publication: The International Studio - (Published Monthly by John Lane Co., New York)

Author: Sell, Henry Blackman

Description: Interpretation, Not Imitation: Work of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Includes seven photographs of Midway Gardens.  Original Cover Price 50 cents. (Sweeney 127)

Pages: Pp 79-83



Author: Ad - Chicago Portland Cement

Description: Photo of Midway Garden "Spindle" Sprite.  Original Cover Price 50 cents.

Pages: Pp b 23



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